Novem Artes Humanitatis

In Sophia Wisdom House, we aim to educate for: 1.) Well-ordered hearts, 2.) Well-formed minds, 3.) Explorative senses, 4.) Fruitful hands, comprising the four comprehensive aspects of human beings.

Therefore, we:

  1. Direct human hearts to truth, beauty, and goodness through Theologia and Philosophia,
  2. Form human minds through Moralia, Lingua, Historia, and Mathematica,
  3. Sharpen human senses to gather facts of human societies and the natural world through Scientiae Sociales and Scientiae Naturales
  4. Cultivate human hands to respond authentically to the needs of human society through Harmonia

These 9 Arts of Humanities, we call the Novem Artes Humanitatis.

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Novem Artes Humanitatis

Nine Arts of Humanity
Theologia The art of relating well with God
Philosophia The art of pondering deeply and persistently in response to various fields of God’s revelation
Moralia The art of relating well with God’s creation: fellow human beings and other created beings
Lingua The art of communicating well to self and fellow human beings
Mathematica The art of comprehensive, consistent, and accountable thinking
Historia The art of thinking dynamically in human cultural-historical contexts
Scientiae Naturales The art of gathering accurate understanding of nature through scientific method
Scientiae Sociales The art of gathering accurate understanding of human relationships through scientific method
Harmonia The art of embodying human knowledge into various artistic, technological, or organizational forms and skills in the fabric of human relationships by conjoining all fields of human knowledge harmoniously for human flourishing

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